Dolce Vita

vineri, 21 octombrie 2011

I'm the bad Dorothy

You can't fool me
But you can fall (in love&lust) with me again
I know the magic trick
If I follow the yellow brick road
I'll get you back home
You don't have any chance
To escape or to run away
I also got the magic shoes
You know, made for walking
Wherever you go
I'll be next to you
Into you
Over you.

This is my curse from me to you:
You will never forget me. I will never forgive you.
You'll dance me this waltz till the end of your secret life.
I'll be your extasy, the one who will never give you enough of what you want, but the only one who can.

And try to remember: Whenever you try to hurt me, you'll only end by hurting yourself.

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