Dolce Vita

marți, 29 septembrie 2009

Missed this feeling...

It Won't Be Long - Evan Rachel Wood

p.s. how come you only see me when I'm in someone else's arms?

joi, 24 septembrie 2009

Le goût étrange et doux de la peau de mes amants...

L'amour, hum hum, pas pour moi,
Tous ces "toujours",
C'est pas net, ça joue des tours,
Ca s'approche sans se montrer,
Comme un traître de velours,
Ca me blesse, ou me lasse, selon les jours

L'amour, hum hum, ça ne vaut rien,
Ça m'inquiète de tout,
Et ça se déguise en doux,
Quand ça gronde, quand ça me mord,
Alors oui, c'est pire que tout,
Car j'en veux, hum hum, plus encore,

Pourquoi faire ce tas de plaisirs, de frissons, de caresses, de pauvres promesses?
A quoi bon se laisser reprendre
Le coeur en chamade,
Ne rien y comprendre,
C'est une embuscade,

L'amour ça ne va pas,
C'est pas du Saint Laurent,
Ca ne tombe pas parfaitement,
Si je ne trouve pas mon style ce n'est pas faute d'essayer,
Et l'amour j'laisse tomber!

A quoi bon ce tas de plaisirs, de frissons, de caresses, de pauvres promesses ?
Pourquoi faire se laisser reprendre,
Le coeur en chamade,
Ne rien y comprendre,
C'est une embuscade,

L'amour, hum hum, j'en veux pas
J'préfère de temps de temps
Je préfère le goût du vent
Le goût étrange et doux de la peau de mes amants,

Mais l'amour, hum hum, pas vraiment!

miercuri, 23 septembrie 2009

23 septembrie... happy birthday to us...

Dear Green,
Can't you see the shadows from the past hunting you? Maybe you can only feel them...
Can you here the sound of the past music? Can you smell the cigare smoke blended in white mosk scent?
So what if you do?:)
Welcome out from my time and space... Wish I could also give you my memories...

Dear RedAndBlue,
Thank you for finding the same joy in my eyes
and for acting like nothing was wrong in all this time...
I can hardly believe it... all those years without me... you have remained the same...
But I can't promise you everything will be ok from now on...
I just can't.

Yesterday, the green cooper was gently kissing the red one, right in front of me. Wish he could see it...

...and a few weeks ago, I have experienced the same dove story someone was telling me about in a past life; of course, it also happened in a different place... I can still hear the sound of the bones... wish he had happier stories...

I didn't knew that a new dress can cure a broken heart! Maybe it was the green roses print that gave me back my security feeling.
My "I know who I am and you cannot afford me" feeling. My "I don't want you back, but thanks for asking" feeling. My "green pain is hidden so deep inside that I'm not sure if it's really there" feeling.
The "I'll be ok, unlike you", feeling. The "I'm like the wind blowing from the past straight to the future" feeling.

Si totusi... mai sunt urme de "he's wrong and I'm right... but he wins" feeling...

luni, 7 septembrie 2009

Bonjour Tristesse (1958) - Juliette Greco

Tristetea e acel 'je ne sais quoi' ce apare in gand, dar se simte fizic, desi poate fi doar o senzatie-fantoma care sa te insoteasca daca ii permiti, ori alaturi de care sa inveti sa traiesti, daca esti prea slab sa o infrunti.

Apare inevitabil cel putin o data pe zi, chiar daca o alungi hotarat, punandu-ti masca de clown.

Daca ii permiti, poate ajunge un alter ego al tau, adesea perceput ca unic. "O cunosti pe X? Cine, fata aceea trista mereu, vesnic nemultumita, chiar si atunci cand se straduieste sa zambeasca ori cand spune ceva dragut? Da, toata lumea o cunoaste pe X! Toata lumea o evita pe X, pentru ca e mereu trista si iti strica cheful"...

Si-atunci, de ce sunt frumoasa mai ales in pozele in care sunt trista? Pentru ca o accept elegant sau pentru ca atunci sunt sincera cu adevarat?

Je sais! Pentru ca the sadness giver was the same one who could give me the joy!